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What You Possess You Confess: Speaking Life In the Dark - With Madelyn Stallings

April 14, 2019

We are living in a desolate world, all in need of healing. Our exteriors have become more important than our interiors. Our souls are malnutritioned. Our hearts are deprived of the necessary oxygen we need to breathe. We slap bandaids over deep wounds and expect to move on without dedicating any time to triage or therapy. We aren’t ever giving ourselves an chance for true recovery.

We have an opportunity for an abundantly whole existence and were simply handing it over day by day, situation by situation, sin by sin. Sometimes without even being aware of what we are giving away. Leaving us broken, starved and sick.

In this episode I have the pleasure of introducing you to someone who is always willing to stake claim over your health because she declares it out loud.

Tune in to my fire breathing friend, Madelyn Stallings. Get ready to be ignited.

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Until next time…Prayers towards your joy, health, wealth and wholeness

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