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Mirror Moment: Who’s Staring Back at You - With Anthony Hart

March 28, 2019

When you look in the mirror you see something, you see someone, but do you know who they are? Do you know their passions and their purposes? Do you see the true beauty of all they were intended to be? Or are there masks, facades, titles, messes, cracks, lies, addictions, enmeshments that are holding you back from the real you?

Today’s episode, with guest speaker, Pastor Anthony Hart, has you self-reflecting not by condemnation but by concentration and challenge. He takes what the world would deem dirty and he helps you realize that it doesn’t matter what others expectations are, it doesn’t matter what others call you or need you to be, it matters who you are called to be. And in the end, no matter what, we’re all called to love and it starts with the mirror or self-love.

Don’t let addictions, stuff, fear, or relationships block you from seeing yourself clearly. It’s time to identify who you are - own it - walk into it with confidence - and be just that - You!


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